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When choosing a company to install a concrete coating take the time to evaluate the company based on the many factors discussed below.  If you take the time and ask the proper questions your long-term satisfaction is much more likely.   Unfortunately many homeowners limit the evaluation process to price and/ or convenience.  This often leads to a poor decision that can be extremely costly.


• 100% of all concrete surfaces must be maintained!
• As many as 90% of coating contractors go out of business within two years.
• Re-doing another company’s workmanship can increase the cost of the job as much as 50%.

Use these ten factors to make a decision about your choice of contractor.  You should be asking a potential contractor questions like:  Are you a licensed, bonded and insured contractor?  Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Nevada Board of Contractors and have there been any complaints filed against your company?  But there are many more factors to consider when choosing a contractor.  We recommend asking these additional the questions:

  1. How many years of experience do you have in applying concrete coatings and how much experience will be on my job site?
    Experience. There are many companies that promote their experience, however the individual with the most experience is often sitting behind a desk. With Concrete Texturing the owner with over 9 years of experience is at every job site. Experience enables the owner of Concrete Texturing to communicate the expectations of our product without over selling it. Experience enables Concrete Texturing to determine what prep is needed for the job, without over charging for it. Experience enables Concrete Texturing to recommend the product that is most durable and would look best at your home. Experience also helps us make adjustments on the job if something unforeseen becomes apparent and needs to be communicated to the customer.
  2. Who will be supervising my job and can I communicate with them if I have a question?
    Communication. There is a Concrete Texturing employee you can talk to on every job.
  3. What kind of seal coat will be applied to my job?
    High Quality Seal Coat. We don’t thin our sealant for the sol purpose of saving money.  We apply a quality, durable and easy to clean, commercial grade seal coat at every job. We make sure that your investment is protected with the best seal coat available.   Click here to learn more about seal coats.
  4. What kind of warranty do you offer?
    Warranty. We offer a two-year or a five-year warranty depending on product.
  5. How often should it be re-sealed and do you provide this service?
    Long Term Service.  Applying a concrete coating surface is not a one time application.  The key to longevity is keeping your surface sealed as needed.  This means applying a seal coat every two to five years depending upon sunlight, lifestyle and shine preference.  Periodic touch-up of color is not uncommon.  You need to hire a contractor who will be a around in the future.
  6. How will you color my surface? Can I go look at some of your work?
    Superior Coloring Technique. Take a look at a Concrete Texturing job and compare it to one of our competitors.  In most cases the competition has applied a single solid color.  Look at a Concrete Texturing surface with a very natural blend of two or three colors.  This multicolor process gives the surface a rich texture and blends with the natural environment.  This multicolor process does not cost extra and is part of the standard application for Concrete Texturing.
  7. Will this application cover blemishes in my concrete?
    Expert Advice. We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  The integrity and professionalism upheld at Concrete Texturing requires us to honestly tell our customers what to expect from each product, even if we will potentially lose the job.  A case in point is when a potential customer request to stain a surface that was not suitable for such an application. Stains are transparent and will not cover blemishes, different colored concrete or spills that have been absorbed by the concrete.   If any of these conditions exist, we will recommend a stained overlay which is more expensive, but a better long-term solution. Another company may come along and, not having the experience or the same standards, will not tell the customer the transparent nature of the stain and proceeds with the job.  These companies know that even though the job will be less then ideal, they will be paid.
  8. How is your workmanship different from your competitors?
    . While our business is categorized as a construction trade, the employees of Concrete Texturing do not view themselves as just contractors. We follow the standards and codes of an artisan who wants to make a lasting impression. Your home is your most personal space and your biggest investment, and we are committed to providing a product that will increase the enjoyment, and value, of your home.
  9. How can you make my surface look natural and blend in with the environment?
    Natural Stone Effects – Our Signature Look. Concrete Texturing offers natural stone effects that are unmatched in the industry.  After applying our natural stone texture, the surface is cut to scale providing a natural range of stone sizes. Concrete Texturing then applies a natural blend of two or three colors over the surface.  The results are a non-repeating pattern with each stone having a unique size, color and texture.  This method truly allows us to create a custom job for every customer.
  10. How are your employees screened and selected?
    Character of Employees.  The employees of Concrete Texturing are hired based on their character as well as their skill in applying coatings. They are polite, courteous, and will not smoke, drink, or use drugs on your property. We are honest and trustworthy. Concrete Texturing is licensed, bonded and insured, a member of the Better Business Bureau and a reputable company within the community.
  11. By considering much more than price and convenience, you can greatly increase your chances of hiring a contractor that will create an attractive, durable surface that you can be proud of for years to come.  At Concrete Texturing, we believe we stand out from the competition with our workmanship and our philosophy of doing business. We hope you will invite our dedicated staff to go to work for you.


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