We Are Westcoat Certified!

Concrete Texturing is proud to say that we are Westcoat certified. What is Westcoat?

Concrete Texturing work using Westcoat products

Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems is the leading innovator and manufacturer of specialty coatings for use by professionals in the design and construction industry. Over the last 25 years, Westcoat (previously known as Life Deck) has continually pioneered new ideas and formulas specifically for waterproofing, epoxy, surface and texture coating applications.

Westcoat’s unique formats, tested through rigid applications in all environments, have led to their line of coatings defined as “Specialty Coating Systems”. Made to adhere with long-lasting, durable results, Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems are a new generation of coatings broken down into four distinct systems: waterproof, epoxy, surface and texture coats.

Taking the mystery out of selecting the proper type, style and system of coatings, Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems provides architects, contractors, specifiers and property owners with numerous protective, textured and decorative coating options for a variety of applications.

Westcoat is the choice of the professionals. With over 30 years of industry experience, Westcoat offers innovative, durable surface solutions for the discriminating architect, contractor, specifier, or property owner. From their four category line of step-by-step coating systems makes selecting the right system and products for every job even easier. To learn more about Westcoat, please watch this video

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Elegant Pool Deck

This pool deck surface was recently completed in Henderson, Nevada by Concrete Texturing. The customer wanted a very light and natural looking decorative concrete surface. Concrete Texturing created this by apply a two-toned random stone texture. Notice the drains are not the typical plastic drains. Concrete Texturing provided an epoxy rock drain which is far more attractive.

For more information or quotes contact us at (702) 991-1322 or visit our site at www.ctvegas.com

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Pool Decks with Accent Colors

Concrete Texturing will provide accent colors on the raised areas around a swimming pool. This simple touch goes along way in making our customers happy and providing a no cost solution to improving the look of their pool area.

For more information or quotes contact us at (702) 991-1322 or visit our site at www.ctvegas.com

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Concrete Texturing Upgrades World Market Center Floors

Concrete Texturing recently created this showroom floor at the World Market Center in Las Vegas. The floor was polished, stained and sealed. This floor is not only functional but will enhance the appearance of the furniture being sold in the showroom area.

For more information or quotes contact us at (702) 991-1322 or visit our site at www.ctvegas.com

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School Goes Green with Polished Concrete

Article by ConcreteNetwork.com

“School Goes Green with Polished Concrete

Project Detail:
– Selected as one of the AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects in 2006.

– Light colored floor surfaces with maximum reflectivity were used to increase the amount of natural daylight.

– Concrete was used to improve indoor air quality.

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Kirkland, Wash. has gone green with the addition of polished concrete. Here is a summary of the project:

Concrete was colored using a dry-shake color hardener which was incorporated into the surface shortly after the slab was poured.

After allowing the concrete to fully cure, a treatment was applied to the floor to improve density and reduce dusting.

The surface was then ground using the diamond grinding process.

Using the RetroPlate System, the floor was buffed and polished, creating a permanent shine and increasing concrete strength three to four times.

Finally a sealer was buffed into the suface.

Project cost was competitive with other flooring options.

Finished floor requires only hot mopping for cleaning.

Resists shoe scuff marks and stains.

Electric lighting needs were reduced due to the light color and reflective nature of the polished floors.

The final ground and polished concrete floor will outlast the floor coverings typically used in schools, such as carpet or vinyl” Boyd, 2012.

Read the complete Polished Concrete Story:

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Westcoast Texture

Watch this video by Westcoast Texture which shows the techniques that we specialize in.  We are proud to say that we carry Westcoast Texture Products!

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How to Glamorize Your Driveway Inexpensively

Look at the different ways you can make your driveway look more glamours by simply decorating your already existing concrete.  Read this article featured on ConcreteNetwork.com which explains the the procedure.

“Tile-Looking Driveway Achieved with Creative Staining and Sawcutting

One of the easiest ways to doll up an existing driveway is to cut decorative patterns into the concrete. On this project, designer Scott Cohen of The Green Scene, sawcut borders and a square design, and then applied acid stains to instantly improve the curb appeal of this home.

“I like to use a variety of color,” explains Cohen, “so on this project, we used 3 or 4 varying shades of tans, browns, and charcoal acid stains.” Using a combination of Brickform stains and Triple S stains, Cohen layered one coat after another of the multiple colors. “The trick is to drench the concrete in color, first using mist bottles at ½ rate cut with water, then full rate,” he explains. “You want to cover the area with drops of one color, then layer the next color, etc. It’s kind of like how they print newspapers with multiple drops of ink.” Colors were chosen to complement the existing stucco and paint on the home.

The saw cuts were sized at 2’x 2′ squares imitating the look of tiles. “The neat thing was that the saw cuts allowed us to put a piece of plastic between each one so we could concentrate the stain just on one square at a time.” Cohen’s technique is to stain a base color on one square then move to another area with another color, then shield one square from the other. Doing so allows the squares to take on the appearance of being individually hand-colored tiles. A border was also cut into the concrete and stained a solid color.” (Cohen, 2012).

For the full article click on the link below:

New Concrete Floors Information Compares Five Popular Floor Types (2012,  July 10). Retrieved from http://www.concretenetwork.com/concrete/concrete_driveways/design-ideas/tile.html

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