When your concrete is not level is no time to not be levelheaded.

Concrete Texturing: Self Leveling Cement in Las Vegas

There are many times when we arrive on a job and the substrate is not level.  It is not the times when we just jack hammer it up and replace it.  We specialize in renovating concrete surfaces not removing and replacing.  There is a big upside to renovating.

1. We can usually renovate the situation for far less than replacement.

2. For about the same cost we can add decorative elements.

Las Vegas CVoncrete Texturing Self Leveling with Dye
Self Leveling with Concrete Dye

To the left is a floor that was not level.  We were able to apply the topping to level the surface.  We then applied a tape pattern and used an Acetone Dye for the color.  Sealed with epoxy, this floor looks beautiful so roughly the same cost as removing and replacing the concrete.

We have many options available.  Get in contact with us so we can have one of our design experts come out any give you ideas or cost and design.


About Concrete Texturing

We install grey & decorative concrete for residential/commercial properties. Including Concrete stains, overlays, epoxy coatings, pool deck textures and sealants for existing concrete surfaces and much more.
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